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Maximizing the value of the client/agency relationship.

Beyond the technical expertise of our project contributors is the experience you have as a client.

Our Agile/Scrum framework reflects our belief that the client/agency relationship is not merely transactional but merges the talents of both organizations to create a project that represents the best of the client and agency.

The values of the Scrum framework align closely with our own, especially when you look at the “three pillars” of Scrum. Those pillars are:

  • Transparency. The agency and client are transparent in their communications, inviting trust.
  • Inspection. At regular intervals, all members of the project team review the work and provide feedback and clarification on priorities and requirements.
  • Adaptation. Scrum invites collaborators to constantly be thinking about improvements, from faster project completion to efficient use of resources.

As a result of these pillars, the Agile/Scrum approach adds the following benefits to the project:

  • Consensus-building. The highly visual, collaborative nature of Agile/Scrum eases consensus-building across stakeholders.
  • Flexibility. As the final product comes into focus through the development process, we as the agency are able to adapt to, and encourage, your input into the direction of the project.
  • Incremental progress. The project is broken down into smaller deliverables reviewed at regular intervals by you. Each deliverable is in the form of a working website, facilitating direct, hands-on feedback.

Our Professional Services team is here to ensure that your goals are communicated and prioritized throughout the project. Our goal is to maximize the combined value of your team as the experts in your own organization and the talent of our team in website design and development.

Ultimately, by facilitating this communication and collaboration, our Project Managers ensure that your project stays within budget, on time, and meets your goals.

Blue Coda offers free Scrum training to our clients through our partner and client,


Our Professional Services team works hard to make sure your experience is informative, transparent and goal-oriented.

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