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Blue Coda was founded in 2002 in Cambridge, MA, with the mission of empowering clients to realize returns on their website investment.

This stems from our core belief that an organization’s website is a direct extension of its mission We are a team of strategists, developers, designers, and marketers focused on building websites through a combination of technical excellence and a transparent, incremental project management approach. We build websites with longevity in mind, ensuring that client websites are flexible, technically sound, and goal-oriented to withstand the rapidly changing landscape of the web. We are known for our exceptionally talented team, the caliber of our clients, our attentiveness, persistence, and our ability to drive results.

Our Team

Jason Schaffer, Blue Coda CEO

Jason Schaffer

Chief Executive Officer

Jason sets the direction for Blue Coda and leads business development. He brings strategic oversight to all client projects with 20 years of experience in the technology consulting space. Jason is well-versed in a wide array of languages and platforms, specializing in open-source software integration.

Matthew Luzitano Manager of Engineering

Matthew Luzitano

Manager of Engineering

Matthew is a flexible full stack developer who encourages collaboration with a side of humor. He sets standards and development processes for the web development team and implements challenging system requirements. In addition to his skills in Drupal development, Matthew has expertise in third-party system integrations, user interface components such as jQuery and JavaScript, and workflow automation tools such as Docker and Selenium.

Tim Tufts Director of Professional Services

Tim Tufts

Director of Professional Services

Tim is a Scrum-certified project manager that enables and guides Blue Coda’s largest projects. He is an expert in modern Content Management System technology and Drupal, specifically. He excels at translating client challenges into technical deliverables and communicating between non-technical clients and our engineers.

Jenna Bos Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Jenna Bos

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Jenna leads the strategic planning for Blue Coda’s marketing efforts and advises clients as they apply digital marketing strategies to their new website. Jenna has experience in marketing and copywriting for professional associations, technical consortia, standards-setting organizations, non-profits, educational institutions, IT services, and literary enterprises.

michael cooper software architect

Michael Cooper

Software Architect

Michael is an experienced application architect who emphasizes efficiency and innovation. He has been the architect of major products including, Acquia Network, Acquia Search, and the Acquia Cloud UI. He has led development for various software applications including having created over 1,000 websites and counting.

Recent Articles by Michael Cooper

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Jill Handman

Jill Handman

Web Engineer

Jill builds website foundations and theming with an unparalleled velocity and precision. Her many years of building in Drupal mean she is a master at tackling new challenges and working at a fast pace. Jill's hunger for keeping up with the latest in Drupal and her efficiency makes her a client favorite.

Rory Douglas Software Engineer

Rory Douglas

Software Engineer

Rory works on theming and front-end development in Drupal projects, mostly in Drupal 8. He has 10 years experience with web development, focusing on non-profits and higher education. He has an in-depth knowledge of front-end web development, particularly as it pertains to marketing and increasing return on investment. 

Andre Dumas Client Success Manager

Andre Dumas

Client Success Manager

Andre is a certified Scrum Master who works with subscription clients to support their transition from launch to post-launch and fully leverage Drupal to continuously improve their sites. She has six years of experience as a project manager interfacing with clients, promoting a stress free collaboration with a sense of humor and creativity. Andre builds professional solutions to meet project goals and drive client success.

Roberta Santangelo

Roberta Santangelo

Business Development Specialist

Roberta specializes in building long-term relationships with clients and finding new opportunities for collaboration. She has over 15 years of experience in business development across a variety of industries. Roberta excels at asking the right questions of clients to learn more about their challenges and goals, allowing her to work with the rest of the team to recommend custom website solutions.