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Our Team

Jason Schaffer, CEO at Blue Coda

Jason Schaffer

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Schaffer serves as Blue Coda's CEO and not only sets the vision for the company, but is responsible for all business development and partnerships. He has 20 years of experience in the technology consulting space and is well versed in a wide array of languages and platforms. He also has extensive experience in integrating open-source software into client solutions.

michael cooper fishing

Michael Cooper

Director of Engineering

Michael leads our Engineering Team and brings considerable Drupal experience. Prior to Blue Coda, Michael held roles as Director of Services Oriented Architecture and Director of Business Engineering at Acquia where he was responsible for architecture of major products including, Acquia Network, Acquia Search, and the Acquia Cloud UI. He has led development for various software applications including hundreds of websites for leading companies.

tim tufts

Tim Tufts

Director of Professional Services

Tim Tufts serves as Blue Coda’s Director of Professional Services. Tim is responsible for the largest projects that Blue Coda delivers. As a hands-on project manager, Tim is responsible for full life-cycle delivery, and serves the role of Scrum Master in some projects. He is an expert in modern Content Management System technology, and specifically Drupal. He excels at translating client challenges into technical deliverables and communicating between non-technical clients and our engineers/ designers. He also has several direct reports whom he is responsible for the management and development of.

jessica pham

Jessica Pham

Technical Product Manager

Jessica assists client teams in discovery requirements and finding creative solutions to problems while managing communication between clients and developers. She frequently plays the role of Scrum Master, leading project efforts from end to end. 

spencer meads

Spencer Meads

Customer Success Manager

Spencer Meads is a Customer Success Manager at Blue Coda. He works with our Support Subscription clients to help them take full advantage of Drupal and continuously improve their sites. He will have more to say I am sure.

Jill Handman

Jill Handman

Web Engineer

Jill is a valued member of the Blue Coda engineering team and known for her wide-ranging expertise plus her ability to work at a fast pace. Jill has several yers of experience in building Drupal websites.

matt luzitano

Matthew Luzitano

Senior Software Engineer

Matt is a Senior Engineer at Blue Coda. In his free time he enjoys writing poetry and hanging out with his wife and daughter. When Matt sees this profile he will probably want to write it for himself.

Rory Douglas, web developer at Blue Coda Drupal Development

Rory Douglas

Software Engineer

Rory Douglas is a software engineer with extensive experience with non-profits and higher education. He works primarily on front-end development and Drupal theming. He has a wife, a child, and a large yellow lab.

Jenna Bos

Jenna Bos

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Jenna leads the strategic planning for Blue Coda's marketing efforts. She believes in creating results through the combination of outstanding content and a smart digital strategy. Jenna has experience in marketing and copywriting for professional associations, technical consortiums, standards-setting organizations, non-profits, IT services and literary enterprises.