Rescuing a Drupal community with UI/UX overhaul to greatly increase community engagement.

The Shared Value Initiative was created in 2012 to drive the adoption and implementation of shared value strategies by leading organizations around the world. Guided by FSG, The Initiative is led by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, two of Harvard’s most well known professors. As described in the Harvard Business Review article published in 2011, Creating Shared Value, The Initiative’s mission is to serve as a foundation to the conversation about shared value.

Rescuing a Drupal Community

The Shared Value Initiative community website launched in June 2013. The Initiative contacted us 3 months later. ”Our previous agency saw the launch of our community website as the finish line, while Blue Coda saw it as the starting line,” said The Initiative’s Michelle Morgan-Nelsen.

After the new community launched, critical user experience issues started to surface immediately. The Initiative needed to address them quickly in order to grow its membership base.

38% Registration Growth Rate

After implementing our first phase of changes, the site gained 794 members in the next two months for a 38% total growth in that time period, and has continued growing. The community has over 9,000 registered members today, and now hosts a yearly 2-day leadership conference at the Conrad New York.

Founded 2012

9,000+ community members

Michael Porter HBS

Mark Kramer - Kennedy

Yearly Summit Broadcast from Conrad New York

Acquia Partner Site of the Year Winner - 2015

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  • summit
  • authenticated homepage
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We delivered a community experience re-engineered from the ground up

After upgrading from Drupal Commons 3.0 to 3.9, we took advantage of new functionality that had been branched into the Commons distribution. We focused on several user experience improvements through the site, including:

  • Calls to Action - The new user experience creates a funnel into the new public .community landing page, and from there into registration.
  • Streamlined UI - We created new user interfaces for the public front end and administrative back end. Content is easier to find for users, and The Initiative can edit the community through a new dashboard.
  • Responsive-Adaptive Designs - The Initiative can prioritize content for varying mobile layouts The content appropriately scales to the correct size and can be strategically prioritized. For example, The Initiative can choose to show less content to mobile phone users.
  • Social Integration - We added social hover bars throughout the site. When clicked, they automatically populate content and reference The Initiative on related social profiles.
  • Extended Functionality - Throughout the site, we extended functionality to better engage with members and generate more content.
  • Member-to-Member Connect - We created new functionality to allow members to “friend” each other on The Initiative community. Once members are connected, their activity shows up on each other’s feeds. As a result, members can quickly see .activity of other users they know, which increases opportunities for engagement

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