Numerix launches a new site powerful enough for the speed of Wall Street.

Numerix is the global leader in risk analysis software for complex financial derivatives. With over 400 clients across 25 countries, 18 offices in global financial capitals, and over 50 PhDs on staff, Numerix builds some of the most complex software in the world. Since their founding in 1996, Numerix products have received the highest industry awards and accolades.

From 60 Leads per Month to 600+

Numerix had previously been using hundreds of Marketo forms through hundreds of Marketo Landing Pages, which made organization of their conversion tools very painful. If they decided to start asking for a new field in a submission form, they had hundreds of forms to individually go through and update.

We replaced this with 9 webforms that could be used throughout the site and automatically attribute data such as Campaign ID and Asset ID based on the Landing Page they were used on.

The landing pages we built use an in-house forked version of the popular Marketo MA module. Our version has extended functionality especially in how it treats existing leads as they convert multiple times.

The direct result of these strategies was a dramatic increase in lead generation.  Numerix field sales representatives praise the site for its ability to filter and sort marketing resources, allowing them to quickly point prospects to relevant content.

Founded 1996

18 Offices

400 Customers in 25 Countries

Chairman - Greg Whitten

Drupal 7 - 185 Modules

Pantheon Platform

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  • homepage mosiac
  • webinar
  • landing page

Led by Pioneers in Technology.

Headquartered in NYC, they are led by Greg Whitten, Chairman, and Steven Hanlon, CEO. Notably, Greg Whitten joined the board in 1998 as a major investor and served as CEO from 2003-2013. He is a former chief software architect of Microsoft, where he joined as one of the original employees. From the late 70s to the late 90s he developed Microsoft’s common cross-language compiler and runtime technology, as well as the enterprise-wide software and architecture strategies for MS Office, Back Office, and Windows.

Numerix are very large supporters of the Microsoft stack internally and even all of their previous websites had been built on it. We suggested switching directions with the next website and going with open-source, and Drupal specifically. The Numerix team agreed and Greg Whitten signed off on the new direction. Interestingly enough, the project also came at a time when Microsoft made headlines for open-sourcing .NET and supporting open source initiatives in a previously unprecedented way.

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