Financial technology company Numerix drives 10x more leads with a Blue Coda website.

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Although Numerix had a strong reputation in the financial industry, they realized their website wasn’t built to capture and convert leads effectively, losing potential customers.

Founded in 1996, Numerix is the leading provider of risk analytics technology for the pricing, structuring, modeling and valuation of any derivative instrument, or portfolio.

With this in mind, Numerix’s priority for their new website when they approached Blue Coda was lead capturing and conversion. Numerix and Blue Coda were a perfect fit; Blue Coda, with its results-driven approach to website development, built this global software company a high-converting website befitting their high-caliber technology.

By 2016, not only does Numerix now have a high-converting site, but Blue Coda has built functionalities allowing for the Numerix marketing team to update their website easily without IT assistance and quickly demonstrated ROI.

With a well-thought-out mix of technology and development savvy, Blue Coda selected the right tools and people to lead the way for Numerix’s tenfold increase in leads.

Numerix Screen Shot 1

The Challenges: Fixing a Leaking Funnel

Numerix’s problems revolved around the entire structure of their site. Users had to click through several pages before they could find the information they needed, leading to a loss in visitors. Numerix wanted to transform their site in order to help users find what they need and therefore improve Numerix’s bottom line. Personalization and organization were the two areas addressed to make that happen.

The new design needed to follow some of Numerix’s existing brand standards but also current and future-friendly. The client wanted the UX to break away from traditional content presentation practices and provide a modern experience that matched the product they were offering.  

Blue Coda also needed to protect Numerix’s current SEO success.  Our team had to devise a strategy to maintain all existing Google rankings and make sure the appropriate standards were followed for all new content generation and final CMS delivery. Blue Coda also needed to be cognizant of the client’s Salesforce integration and adhere to best practices for closing the loop on their online marketing engine which included Marketo and Google Analytics.

The Solution: Personalization and Tracking

Blue Coda streamlined Numerix’s ‘featured content’ presentation on the homepage. Interests were divided into sub-classes of finance via tabs, including Banking, Asset Management, Insurance, and Technology. On each tab, users could access content relevant to their subfield.

Home Tiles facilitated target-specific interest leads. Blue Coda implemented cross-content relationships to encourage users to easily explore related content to their interests within the site.

On the new website, users can find and click on relevant content directly on the homepage, rather than sifting through layers of navigation and content links like they had to on the old site.

As an endcap to the project, Blue Coda set up and trained Numerix’s staff on Google Analytics and multi-tiered Marketo forms with Salesforce in order to capture user information and close the loop on their online marketing.

Numerix Screen Shot 2

The Results: Sky-High Lead Growth

Numerix’s site now has a captivating and responsive UX that includes mega menus, third level page features and increased functionality.  Blue Coda helped Numerix close their online marketing loop, utilizing Drupal, Marketo, Salesforce, and Google Analytics. The newly designed IA  is intuitive and user-friendly. Information is grouped and presented in a logical manner and requires no more than 1-2 levels of “drill down” for Numerix’s target personas.

Blue Coda produced a fully adaptive redesign with 18 separate design layouts and entirely new UX flow. The new UX addressed site navigation, key homepage and internal page features, and integrated CTA’s. Leads generated on the site changed from 60 a month to 600+ a month--an increase of 10x.

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