Interactive Intelligence takes a leap forward implementing a modern experience with the latest in B2B lead-gen technology.

Interactive Intelligence (NASDAQ: ININ) is an Indiana-based software company with over 2,000 employees and $340 million in yearly revenue. Founded in 1994, they went public in September, 1999. As a company with a long history of on-premise and hosted solutions, over the last several years InIn has built a suite of SaaS solutions. The success of these products required a sophisticated website to capture this new generation of users.

A Modern Overhaul.

The Blue Coda team worked with the InIn team to build a responsive website that put a focus on conversion and learning opportunities for users. We created a new information architecture that guides users through the marketing funnel while promoting InIn’s thought leadership and showcasing awards. We also implemented advanced custom integration into marketing applications including Eloqua and a content personalization algorithm.


2,000+ employees

$340 yearly million revenue

Drupal 7 - 222 modules

15 languages

Eloqua API Advanced Integration

Acquia Enterprise Platform, Lift & ContextDB

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Beautiful Conversion Experiences.

Crisp, clear, and algorithmic conversion experiences to boost conversion rates and increase lead generation. 

Landing Pages built to be rapidly A/B/Multivariate tested that pre-fill forms in real-time using the Eloqua API. User flows to match natural patterns while traversing the marketing funnel.

Translated into 15 languages and dialects using human translators.

The latest in B2B lead-gen.

The website is built to deliver personalized experiences and drive conversion rates. The client team can quickly create A/B and multivariate tests that are connected to a machine-learning personalization algorithm. Users see content that is hyper-personalized to them as well as optimized to achieve business goals. These goals include downloading white-papers, attending webinars and other initial lead capture, as well nurturing users down the funnel.