Interactive Intelligence sought to radically improve their lead generation systems. And it worked.

Interactive Intelligence provides unified business communications solutions to more than 10,000 companies internationally.

As a recognized leader in their field by industry analysts, they needed a website that could help them maintain their edge and reach their increasingly global audience (Interactive Intelligence was acquired by Genesys December in 2016 for $1.4 billion, but still uses the website discussed in this case study).

Interactive Intelligence relied heavily on gated content assets to draw visitors down their funnel. They required a solution that would allow administrators to easily create and promote new content without involving their IT department for every change. In addition to fast content creation, site administrators wanted the ability to optimize their site over time using data.

Given their international presence, Interactive Intelligence needed a translation solution that would allow them to generate content that could be translated into multiple languages as easily as possible.

The Blue Coda team worked with the InIn team to build a responsive website that put a focus on conversion opportunities and met their unique content and translation needs.

Interactive Intelligence Screen Shot

The Challenges: Lead Generation, Content Creation, and Translation

Interactive Intelligence was on a platform that didn't allow for the customization and flexibility they needed to implement a more robust data-driven website. They were limited by the platform's limited theme options and functionalities. It was clear that in order to grow, they would need to find a content management system (CMS) that could be tailored to their unique requirements as an organization.

Also important to the Interactive Intelligence team was the integration between their website and their marketing automation system, Eloqua. They knew that Eloqua had features that they couldn't take advantage of given the limited structure of their current site, and they were looking for a website that would allow them to take full advantage.

Content administrators were frustrated at having to use an IT resource to make small updates or changes to the site. Since they relied heavily on gated content assets to move users down the funnel, it was costly and inefficient to continue to have to work through that single "gatekeeper."

As an international organization, Interactive Intelligence needed a way to speak to audiences in their language -- literally. It wouldn't do to have a solution like Google Translate that wouldn't be able to give precise translations of their important and technical content.

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The Solution: The Latest in B2B Lead Generation

Blue Coda and Interactive Intelligence’s teams worked collaboratively to build a responsive website that Interactive Intelligence could as a catalyst for growth with the best technology. The newly designed information architecture promoted Interactive Intelligence’s thought leadership and showcased its awards as it guided users through a marketing funnel.

The website delivers personalized experiences and drives conversion rates. The Interactive Intelligence team can quickly create A/B and multivariate tests that are connected to a machine-learning personalization algorithm.

Users see content that is hyper-personalized to them as well as optimized to achieve business goals. These goals include downloading white-papers, attending webinars and other initial lead capture, as well nurturing users down the funnel.

The site contains a functionality that allows uploaded content to be immediately sent to human translators, ensuring that the translation process was automated yet still personalized and detailed, appealing to Interactive Intelligence's international consumer base.

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