The Home Depot launched a campaign to offer select partner communities discounts and incentives.

The Home Depot is an iconic brand across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Founded in 1978, they employ over 370,000 people and bring in yearly revenues of over $80 billion yearly. Their company has many partners and affiliates that represent various segments of the construction industry, from corporate clients to individuals. This project was designed as a value-add for one of The Home Depot's partners existing user communities. By providing these 50,000+ users access to discounts and incentives, it provided a value-add reason for membership, as well as helping The Home Depot market to this diverse user-base.

Designing within strict Brand Standards

The Home Depot provided us with a large asset library from their digital marketing team. These assets include style guides, colors, fonts, example content, and a huge collection of high quality images. Within these images, we considered the audience of the user community, and came up with several rounds of design concepts for what was titled The Home Depot Affinity project.

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