September 11, 2017

What Can Companies Learn From Celebrities About Personal Branding?

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Malik Voyard
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Malik Voyard is a Marketing & Communications Intern at Blue Coda, who comes to us with internship experience at the Center for Non-Profit Management at Stonehill College and Bristol Studios, a recording studio in the center of Boston. We are excited to bring Malik's expertise in music not only to our office's Spotify account but to our blog in his first blog post for Blue Coda on what brands can learn from celebrities' management of their social media presences.

Your personal brand tells people who you are and what you have to offer. It is what differentiates you from your competition and drives value for your customers. Building a strong brand is vital to generate value for your customers and to achieve success in your fiscal year.

We will go over some of the most important elements to building your personal brand using the example of….celebrities?! Yes, celebrities are some of the best people at building a strong and lasting personal brand. Here are some things that you can learn from them and apply to your business’ brand.

The 4 C’s: Communication Competencies, Character, Consistency

The main thing celebrities understand about building their digital brand are the 4 C’s -- communication, competencies, character, and consistency. Let’s go over the basics of each of these principles.


What I mean here is, how to communicate your brand and product effectively. A successful brand is one that represents and communicates your value proposition. It can be difficult to communicate your brand, and its values effectively on a social media platform because it is an ever changing medium. It is critical that every brand understands that controlling the narrative of your brand on social media leads to generating value for both you and your consumer. While it is easy to think of social media as brief and fleeting, we have all seen the impact a tweet or Instagram post has on celebrities and brands. Make sure that you control your digital communications and share your value effectively.


Make sure that you are communicating with your audience about your product or service and how it is competent. Don’t forget to ask yourself what does my product or service do better than anyone else in its market? This question is at the heart of the interaction you’re going to have regarding your brand. This interaction based on your product or service’s value reflects people’s intrinsic need to have something or be a part of something that will add to their lives. For example, people often will label your company by the things you do well like “They are the most efficient and transparent web development firm I’ve worked with!”.  Remember your customers can just as easily label you by all of your shortcomings. You can either create a product brand that people despise when they see it has no value, or you can create a brand and product that adds value to their lives.


You never want to be lifeless! It’s that simple. Nobody wants to engage with a company (let alone a person) who seems lifeless. Share the personality of your brand so that people feel like they're interacting with a group of people and not robots. This makes your viewers connect with you and trust you more as they connect with your values.


This is an often forgotten piece of the puzzle that can either make or break you. Consistency and transparency are key to any brand that is a part of the digital world. It is important that you stick to the value set of your company and brand and stay consistent with everything you do. This provides your target audience with a subconscious sense of stability in interacting and working with you. It is also important to make sure that you are posting on a schedule. It does not have to be a schedule that calls for a post at “12 o’clock every day” to the letter but choosing a relative time frame for when you will make an appearance makes it easier for your customers to know when to tune in.

Applying The 4 C’s

Now that we have established and over-viewed the 4 C's we are going to take a look at two celebrities using the framework. We will look at their personal branding skills and see what lessons we can learn.

Celebrity Analysis

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

Communication: The Rock makes sure to communicate a message of love, hard work, and living one’s life to the fullest. If you follow him, you find that an overall attitude of appreciation for life and people permeate every photo, video, tweet, retweet, etc. Communicating these values allows him to build his brand on his set of fundamental beliefs.   

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Competencies: His overall success in many of his film and entertainment endeavors draws many of his fans. While analyzing his posts, you find that people fall in love because they can see behind the scenes footage of his movies from his page.  

Character: Dwayne Johnson brings a level of intimacy and charisma with every post he shares. His page is tailored to his fans, and he often will give shout outs to fans that he has had memorable encounters with. This breathes the life into his brand and causes the world and his fans to fall in love with him. Additionally, the Rock does an excellent job of sharing inspirational stories that show his values and what is important to him. This helps him connect with fans on a deeper level.

Consistency: On average the rock post about 3-5 post per day on his social media accounts. This consistency shows fans he will be there and available digitally every day.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson



Ellen DeGeneres:


Communication: Ellen communicates fun, vibrant posts that truly demonstrate her warm character. This feels authentic and in-line with her persona on television.

Competencies: Ellen’s social media accounts are largely based on her personal life and her successful show “The Ellen Show.” She often gives updates on what is going on in her daily life and the show. Ellen is known for loving fun and often invites people to come on her show that have become viral sensations. She is heartwarming and kind, and those values come across in all her work.

Character: Ellen is a comedian, and it shows in everything she does, including her post to Instagram. There is often a funny video of her showing her moves or a cute picture of a baby taking a selfie. Regardless of what the image is, she brings life to her page by being herself and showing the audience why they should want to tune in and keep tabs on her.

Consistency: Ellen on average posts about 2-8 posts per day ranging from clips of the show or her personal life

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres 72.4M followers were the first to break the record for the most impressions for a tweet in Twitter history with 26 million impressions!

These 4 C’s will change the game for you in every way possible. These should always be kept in mind when you are creating a brand, maintaining a brand, and in some cases completely rebranding.


Communication is key to creating a brand that is successful at sharing their value prop with the world.

Competency is important because if one is communicating and representing an unfinished product the efforts of trying to build a great brand does the complete opposite; it destroys it!

Character shows that behind the keyboard are real people. Always make sure to convey that humanness in everything you do.

Consistency is the most overlooked and underrated piece of the puzzle. Make sure that you’re not only present but that you are also consistent and transparent with the values and principles you’ve defined for yourself and your brand.

Get started and remember to have a little bit of fun!

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