12 Not-So-Obvious Books on Seth Godin’s Bookshelf

Seth Godin inspires millions of marketers and leaders each day with honest, status-quo-questioning insights in his books, talks, and digital media. In this post we go behind the scenes and take a look at his bookshelf.

7 Steps to Website ROI #3: Analytics and Tracking

There are numerous reasons not to measure. It’s inconvenient. It’s passive; taking action is what matters.

5 Ways to Optimize Forms for Mobile Devices

Website forms are complicated. Even if your webform consists of an email address field and a submit button, what next? Does that get sent to a MailChimp mailing list? Does it go into an e-marketing suite like Marketo, Hubspot, or Eloqua? Or does that data go to several places at once?

Is Hiring a Website Copywriter Right for You?

Remember that time you said you were going to finally get around to that important task? You know the one I'm talking about. You may also recall how that thing you said you were going to do never actually got done, and now the deadline is looming, and you're in deep trouble.

12 Do’s and Don’ts for the RFP Process

Writing an effective request for proposal (RFP) is essential for attracting a digital agency that will help you build your best website yet.

Traffic and Conversion On Your Website: Track, Interpret, & Pivot

You’ve noticed your traffic is starting to slip. It feels a little bit like you are Tom Hanks in Cast Away— now that your traffic has begun to plunge what will happen next? Will it be just you and a volleyball named Wilson?

Managing Website Expectations: Lessons from the Real World

Communicating expectations provides transparency throughout a project or product's lifecycle. But managing expectations, to me, requires separation of realistic and idealistic outcomes.

Drupal's "Metatag" Module Is an SEO Must

To maximize the SEO potential of your site, you need to have what are called meta tags on each page. Meta tags are text that gives search engines and other sites information on what a page is about — but meta tags are stashed at the top of the page's HTML and don't appear on the actual page. 

5 CTA Best Practices for More Conversions

The purpose of a call to action is simple: guide your users to take actions that achieve your business goals. Whenever you create a CTA, you should be striving to assist your visitors in understanding the action that they should take to learn more about their problem and how your products and services can help them solve it.

3 Ways We Use Slack for Teamwork (And How You Can Too)

Collaboration can be important to a business. In our industry, collaboration is our business. So when I started at Blue Coda two years ago, we knew right away we could be doing more to improve our communication. We audited the tools we were using and searched for software that could help us. That’s when we found Slack.