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Is Your Website Compliant? Learn From This Major Grocery Chain And Avoid a Website Accessibility Lawsuit

August 16, 2017
We understand that even the best of us let some of the ‘small stuff’ go—a dentist appointment, a drafted and forgotten email, an electric bill—but little things can cascade into a monumental complication.
website terms

5 Website Terms You Should Know (But Probably Don’t)

August 14, 2017
Just when you think you have a handle on the language— and dare I say jargon? —of websites, another term pops up that you don’t know. So what’s a marketer to do?
value prop website redesign

How to Incorporate Your Value Prop into Your Website Redesign

August 9, 2017
With data easier to access than ever, when planning a website redesign, the focus often falls to measuring, analyzing, and optimizing important KPIs. While you can design and plan to optimize for conversions, putting forth a value proposition that resonates with your visitors helps to build trust and build a narrative that will get users eager to want to engage with you.
association marketing

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Association Marketing

August 7, 2017
If you’re in association marketing, you probably have this very common experience – you stay up to date on the latest marketing trends, but they don’t map onto marketing your association very neatly. Sometimes it feels like you’re playing by a different set of rules.
University Websites

Should Your University Use Drupal, WordPress, or a Commercial Content Management System (CMS)?

August 3, 2017
Higher education organizations don't have it easy when it comes to managing their websites and digital presence. The fast pace of technology adoption in your target audience of digital natives challenges you to constantly adapt. Prospective students and families will always be looking for creative breakthroughs that prove you are a cutting edge university.
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10 Commandments of Giving Design Feedback

August 3, 2017
Maybe it is your first time giving design feedback or maybe you are looking for a refresher on best practices. Either way, we have compiled the 10 Commandments of Giving Design Feedback, so that you and your team can evaluate your website designs like pros.
Website health checker

10-Minute Website Health Checker: Diagnose and Fix Common Problems

August 2, 2017
You get yearly checkups or head to the doctor when you begin to see symptoms of something going wrong with your health (or, you at least consult WebMD). So why wouldn’t you do the same with your website? Check out some of the symptoms of security, SEO, speed, and responsive design glitches with your website and learn to diagnose the problems.
website copywriting

From Blah to Dazzling: How to Strategize Your Website Copywriting in 11 Steps

July 28, 2017
Have you heard the one about the marketer who was tasked with content strategizing and copywriting for their new site? It’s a tale as old as time (or, the internet) and sends chills up and down the spines of marketers everywhere.
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Generate More Website Conversions By Optimizing Technology And Website Design

July 27, 2017
It’s what keeps us digital marketers up at night. How can I get more conversions on our site? What is the perfect mix of design, technology, and content that will help our company hit that conversions sweet spot? It is a difficult question, and the answer is more obvious than you think.

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