Last week, members of Blue Coda and got together to host a live webinar on the benefits of using Scrum framework in the workplace. Here, we recount the discussion for those looking to advance inter-organizational communications and productivity — especially for clients seeking to work with agencies using the Scrum framework.
POSTED BY Tim Tufts, Jun 21, 2017
For anyone managing a website build: you know that the project process makes or breaks the overall experience. It can be a smooth endeavor or a multi-month hair-pulling extravaganza.
Are you looking to increase traffic to your website to attract more clients? Perhaps you are trying to increase your case value? Maybe you are simply trying to build out certain types of cases. No matter what the reason that landed you here on this blog post, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and help you evaluate the current state of your website traffic, set goals for obtaining more traffic, and strategize how to reach these goals.
POSTED BY Rory Douglas, Jun 16, 2017
WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform, and it still has blogging in its bones. It's not uncommon for enterprise-level sites to use WordPress as their CMS — but it usually takes quite a bit of customization to make WordPress a suitable fit. Below are some of our tips for transforming WordPress into a great management system for large sites.
POSTED BY Matthew Luzitano, Jun 09, 2017
As video becomes even more relevant on the internet, web companies are finding creative solutions to a specific but important scenario where the user clicks play on a video and then the user then scrolls down on the page, so the video is no longer in view, but it’s still playing.
Keeping track of all of your keywords can be tedious— that is if you are even doing it! Here’s how we got started creating a better system for our keyword strategy and how you can apply it to your website. You may find yourself wondering, Why spend my time creating a keyword strategy?
POSTED BY Jenna Bos, Jun 02, 2017
Your products depend on people to deliver them, so you need to make sure the team that you've formed and the terms under which you engage with each other are pitch-perfect.
POSTED BY Andre Dumas, Jun 02, 2017
While we’re a hardworking team here at Blue Coda, many of us admit that we’d be nothing if it weren’t for one very important thing. The thing that brings light and joy to most situations. The thing that makes coming home from a long day at work worthwhile. The thing that although quite cute can sometimes make a mess and a restful sleep difficult. What is that thing? Our pets.
POSTED BY Tim Tufts, May 31, 2017
Websites don't last forever, and won't stand the test of time without showing signs of wear. Whether through user's outgrowing it or technology passed it in the fast lane, your site will eventually need to be rebuilt. Sure you can maybe incorporate a content management system, or maybe just change the design, but why implement half a solution? We've distilled some of the biggest signs that you may need a new website, into five, count 'em, five signs.
POSTED BY Matthew Luzitano, May 26, 2017
We talk a lot about some of the most important items to address on your website, like making the site mobile-friendly, employing Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, best practices, and improving your site’s performance. If your site is already keeping up with all these (and then some), it’s not the time to rest on your laurels.
POSTED BY Jessica Pham, May 24, 2017
A great user story follows a format that identifies the perspective, expectation, and need in as little words as possible. At Blue Coda, the interface used for writing user stories is Jira.
POSTED BY Rory Douglas, May 22, 2017
SVGs are hot stuff in front-end web design these days, and I’m on board the SVG train. They’re lightweight, they look great on all sizes and types of screens, and you can style them with CSS, which opens up all sorts of fun stuff. But this post isn’t going to be SVG apologetics. It’s going to be a rundown of how exactly you get an SVG into your site in Drupal or WordPress.
POSTED BY Andre Dumas, May 19, 2017
When Twitter first launched in 2006, the world was confused and unsure of how to handle it. What was a ‘Tweet’? Why can we only use 140 characters? What is the point? Unfortunately today at the peak of Twitter’s relevance, those same questions still come up. To call it another Social Media trend is unfair because when used correctly, Twitter is the secret to a great marketing campaign you never knew existed until now.
POSTED BY Tim Tufts, May 17, 2017
You’ve just sat down to eat your lunch, and the hair on your neck starts to stand up; something is coming. It’s not winter, it’s your boss, and they have some news for you: Your company is going to make the jump to using Scrum for all your projects, and you have been chosen as the champion to head up this initiative.
This is not a blog post in which I will preach to you about local SEO and lay down in 5 easy steps how to fix your local SEO. I will not blissfully disregard the fact that local SEO is never easy (unless you pay someone else to do it).