5 Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

by Andre Dumas

February 22, 2017

Perhaps you’ve heard of a ‘Chrome Extension,’ if you haven’t fret not! You aren’t alone. Google has over 10,000 Chrome Extensions that are small software programs that modify and enhance your experience using the Chrome web browser. Think of them as apps for your web browser instead of your phone. Some of us cannot function without having certain apps on our phones, so why should Chrome Extensions be any different?

5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade to Drupal 8

by Rory Douglas

February 21, 2017

Drupal 8 has been out for more than a year, and there are a few clues that your site might benefit from upgrading.

5 Keys to a Successful Drupal Implementation

by Jason Schaffer

February 17, 2017

There's a lot of buzz flying around these days about the use of Drupal as a Web Experience Management (WEM) platform. While there are certainly pros and cons associated with every product, when we come across organizations that are unhappy with Drupal, more times than not the problem is due to implementation. Here are five keys to ensuring you implement Drupal correctly and you avoid potential problems.

6 Tips for a Great Law Firm Blog

by Alexis Church

February 15, 2017

You’ve probably been wondering for a couple of years now if you should start a blog for your law firm. Or maybe you know you should start a blog, but it keeps getting pushed off while you prepare for that arbitration, and then that trial, and then that deposition…

Don’t Let Your Content Bog You Down: Use Administration Views

by Jill Handman

February 13, 2017

Do you have a large Drupal site with hundreds or even thousands of nodes? Is searching for content a mess? What about making bulk changes? A great module that can help with these tasks is Administration Views.

Website Support and Maintenance: Demystify the Budget and Maximize Your Investment

by Jason Schaffer

February 10, 2017

You decided to build a new web site. You've reviewed vendor proposals and after several presentations, you've got a much better sense as to the probable implementation cost. You select the firm you want to work with and phew— You've survived the process and are ready to move forward. Congratulations! ...But wait! There is still one nagging question that has yet to be answered. And it might be the toughest one you've encountered yet.

What Your Marketing Team Can Take Away from Omnichannel Super Bowl Ads [For those 4th Quarter Comebacks]

by Alexis Church

February 7, 2017

This year there were 66 Super Bowl ads. What lessons can we as marketers take from these spots, made by some of the best advertising agencies in the world?

Website ROI and Customer Delight: 5 Questions You Should Be Asking

by Jenna Bos

February 6, 2017

You know the inbound marketing funnel steps: attract, convert, close, delight. Of these four, it’s safe to say that “delight” is the most ambiguous, both in its meaning and in how to execute it. In this post, we’ll talk to you about what customer delight is, why you should care, and how to measure it.

Design Features of the Best Law Firm Websites

by Tim Tufts

February 1, 2017

You are beginning to realize that your law firm’s website isn’t doing you many favors regarding client acquisition. Where do you begin to look when working on your new site’s design? It is easy to compile a long wish list, but it is important to avoid getting too caught up in those wishes without a strategy for what they’ll accomplish.

Must-Have Drupal 8 Modules for Your Marketing

by Rory Douglas

January 31, 2017

With Drupal 8, some of the most-used Drupal modules — like Views  — have been included with Drupal core. But there are still a few modules that aren't included by default that you'll want on almost any marketing-oriented site.