About Blue Coda

Blue Coda was founded in 2002 in Cambridge, MA. We are a team of strategists, developers, designers, and marketers focused on building websites through a combination of technical excellence and a transparent, incremental project management approach. We build websites with longevity in mind, ensuring that client websites are flexible, technically sound, and goal-oriented to withstand the rapidly changing landscape of the web.

Our Values

Challenge Assumptions Icon

Challenge Assumptions About What A Website Should Be.

Websites are an ever-evolving business asset that should be flexible, adaptable, and oriented toward your organization's overall mission.
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Make Decisions Based on Knowledge and Data, Not Opinions.

We apply our knowledge combined with research to make decisions based on what we know, and not opinions.
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Be Dynamic, Not Static.

While permanence can be a reassuring stance, it's not realistic. What's more realistic is that technological innovation will happen, and your organization's website needs will change. Change begets innovation.
Ruthlessly Efficient Icon

Be Ruthlessly Efficient.

We ensure that we are utilizing the right resources and focusing on the highest value priorities to get the most substance for our efforts.
Create Shared Success Icon

Create Shared Success.

Our success is inextricable from the success of our clients achieved through collaboration. We feed off and are inspired by our clients' motivation to achieve their organizational mission and goals.
Be Creatively Persistent Icon

Be Creatively Persistent.

We simply don't stop until we've found the right solution. It's easy to be persistent when you're passionate. And passionate we are.
Be the Experts Icon

Be The Experts.

We stay current. We challenge each other to develop our skills. We educate each other. Then we apply that expertise to create amazing websites.
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Results Matter.

We measure success through the realization of measurable goals.

Our Clients

Our Awards: 27 and Counting!

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Web Marketing Association Awards
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Acquia Awards
Internet Advertising Competition Award
Internet Advertising Competition
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Creativity International Awards
2016 Outstanding Achievement in Web Development, OPENPediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital
2015 Site of the Year, External Community, Shared Value Initiative
2014 IAC NAA Best Association Website
2013 Best Political Website, Scholars Strategy Network
2012 Outstanding Achievement, Bessemer Venture Partners
2012 Best in Class, Bessemer Venture Partners
2012 Best in Class, The Pert Group
2012 Best in Class, Scholars Strategy Network
2012 Best in Class, Merrimack Valley YMCA
2012 Best in Class, Conn Kavanaugh
2012 Best in Class, Harvard Department of Stem Cells & Regenerative Biology
2012 Outstanding Achievement, Bessemer Venture Partners
2011 Outstanding Achievement, NASFAA
2011 Outstanding Achievement, The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development
2011 Best Association Website, NASFAA Interactive Media Awards
2011 Outstanding Achievement, NASFAA
2011 Best in Class, Boston Bar Association
2011 Outstanding Achievement, Harvard Project on Economic Development
2010 Outstanding Achievement, Mass Senior Care Association
2010 Best in Class, NASFAA Website
2010 Outstanding Achievement, Mass Senior Care Association
2010 Outstanding Achievement, Mass Senior Care Association
2010 Outstanding Achievement, Second Nature’s Campus Green Builder Initiative

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