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Social Communities Breed Social Activity

The internet is the primary method by which both B2B and B2C buyers prospect for information before making a purchase. While great user-driven experiences are incredibly important for marketers to capture the best conversions and brand awareness, often times, consumers want to be able to hear from each other. It is for this reason, amoung others, that Forrester recently published a review of "Social Depth Platforms." These are platforms that allow marketers to build dynamic social communities, and Drupal Commons was named a leader.

This desire has sparked a wave of ratings websites and services to provide reviews on products and services. Brands have capitalized on this wave by using product ratings integrations or building their own ratings platforms. Many marketers have further taken control of these desires by creating social communities where users can interact. Brands that utilize social communities increase social activity, which in turn increases marketing and sales activities.

According to Forrester, "50% of individuals prefer to buy products or services from websites that allow customers to post ratings and reviews." This has created a ripple into the B2B marketplace as well, where business users are continually seeking feedback from other users while researching products and services. Forrester continues: "Vendors have evolved their offerings from basic discussion forum tools to robust online community platforms that enable up to millions of users to interact, create content, and engage with a brand on its own community website."

Using Drupal Commons to build Social Communities

Drupal Commons is a Drupal distribution from Acquia. The distribution includes Drupal 7 and an extensive library of specifically chosen modules that aid in the development of social communities on the web. Drupal Commons common use cases include: customer support portals, product and community forums and collaboration platforms.

Blue Coda's Director of Technology Jason Schaffer recently wrote a guest post on the Acquia blog about a recent  Drupal Commons 3 Implementation from Blue Coda for the National Apartment Association. The NAA was looking to create an integrated social community for their 60,000+ member base.

Recently, Drupal Commons was ranked in the latest Forrester Wave in the category of "Social Depth Platform". In comparison with other platforms, Commons was granted the highest rank of "Leader".

Key Benefits of Drupal Commons

Drupal is an open-source Content Management/ Web Experience Management System. Drupal Commons shares the overarching benefits of Drupal, including:

  • Extensive APIs
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Comprehensive Development Tools
  • Virtually unlimited flexibility and customization
  • The largest Developer Ecosystem, with over 180,000 developers and over 2,000 active Drupal modules

From Forrester:

  • "Acquia provides the best integration options of all the vendors we evaluated. Customers touted Acquia Drupal Commons for its flexibility, ease of use, and high return on investment."

Written by  David Henriquez. David is a member of Blue Coda's sales and marketing team.