We've Been Busy!!

The past 12 months have been a period of intense focus on improving everything we do at Blue Coda.

It's Time to Replace Ektron But Is EPiServer the Answer?

If your organization is still using Ektron, it is time to start planning a transition. We believe support will last only one more year, and after that no more patches, releases or support of any kind will be available. Do not be left behind!

Doing Scrum with Scrum.org: Sprint 2

What we learned and accomplished in sprint 2 of the scrum.org website redevelopment.

Using Responsive Images in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 provides an easy-to-use responsive image module in core.

Using Twig to Create Reusable Template Parts

The Twig template engine provides a simple yet powerful way to reuse pieces of HTML throughout a site.

Why Pay for Content Management Systems (CMS)?

Is the practice of creating and selling commercial content management software (CMS) dead? Some would say yes.  Most everyone else would at least agree the days of big software companies creating and selling expensive CMS products are firmly behind us.

Our Evolution from Waterfall to Scrum

Waterfall is easy to understand, easy to sell and is as old as the concept of software itself.  So why is Blue Coda transitioning to Scrum?  In this post we'll examine some of the benefits, as well as the overall rationale driving this change.

Before You Send Work Offshore

Here's some important considerations, heavily based on our experience with offshore outsourcing.

How to Prevent and Troubleshoot a Performance Failure on a Drupal Site

Inevitably, every website will experience some form of adversity, be it a hardware failure, an unexpected spike in traffic, or any number of network, code, and stack errors. You need a plan of attack in place to avoid wasting precious time simply devising an approach to remedy the situation.