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Salesforce World Tour - Boston

Apr 13, 2015 | David Henriquez
Salesforce rolled into Boston last week, and it was a great time to see what one of the worldwide software leaders is doing to bring their customers, prospects, and partners together.

Drupal 8 is the Future of CMS

Dec 01, 2014 | Jason Schaffer
At Blue Coda we’re big fans of Drupal. While we remain a technology agnostic firm and believe in matching organization needs with the best technology available, we believe Drupal is an excellent platform that addresses a wide range of web requirements. Now, with the recent beta version release of Drupal 8, the future of Drupal is incredibly bright.

Jive vs Drupal - Part II

Nov 13, 2014 | Jason Schaffer
An increasing number of organizations are asking for help in comparing Jive vs Drupal (i.e. Jive Community vs Drupal Commons). The response to our initial by-the-numbers comparison is often a simple question as to our own opinion as a firm. We’ll set the record straight in the following post.
"Who is this venture capital firm and how can they help me?” Much like researching for a possible job interview, entrepreneurs visiting VC sites are looking to validate a firm’s reputation, it’s successes, and of course its people.
Today, Google confirmed that they have released a new update to their Penguin algorithm, which the SEO community is “unofficially” labeling as the next major release, Penguin 3.0. This release was viewed Friday 10/17 and was finished today.

5 Trends for Law Firm Websites

Oct 17, 2014 | Darrin Samaha
A few years ago, if you went to most law firm websites, what you would find was mostly a static website that simply served as a firm brochure.



With more and more people relying on mobile devices to look websites up on the go, it’s important to make sure that your website caters to this ever-growing demographic.